by DJK Audit Consult

Offering societies active on the European territory, the expertise necessary to build up strategies in keeping with markets ‘national and international evolution.
Contributing to societies’ excellence by enabling them to use modern technologies, competitive practices and sustainable development.

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The strategy consultant guides societies into the heart of markets, analyzes evolution possibilities, and proposes determining strategic options to maximize their performances.

For each case studied, we endeavor to define and get to the bottom of our client’s problems in an individual and personalized manner. After analysis, we propose innovative answers to induce growth and sustainable competition.

The experiences gained through our different projects (see expertise and special competence areas), the transversal capacities inherent to any business, and the constant watch of the best business practices, form a body of knowledge which allows us today, to analyze situations and to plan changes which will, tomorrow, lead to our clients’ success.

In fine, the strategy consultant propounds one or several options to be implement in relation to the heart of the firm’s practices, job, evolution and sustainability.

The scope of his activity may be quite widespread. His goal being to scan with an open mind possibilities of innovation and transformation so far unexplored, as they were neither expressed nor given a frame, nor immediately available and consequently remained distant from concrete realization on a short or medium term.

For each case examined, planning, analysis of costs compared to benefits must fill these gaps in order to optimize decision making.